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Parking Outer Ring/Row Removal?

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Parking Outer Ring/Row Removal?

Hi - new to this forum, so please let me know if I should be asking about this somewhere else.


To my understanding right now, there are some limitations with the parking generation (e.g. potential column locations, entrances, islands, etc.), so I was trying to overcome this limitation by doing the parking lot in sections, rather than one single large area.


However, if I try to do that, the outer ring/row will always be there, no matter how I modify the parameters. Please see the labeled sample screenshot below. You can imagine it being sectioned out in more detail, e.g. avoiding building cores.


Are there any ways to remove a row of parking or the whole outer ring of the parking layout?


I understand this may be a very primitive workaround, and most likely will be pointless as Forma is further improved, but I'm currently trying to figure out a proof-of-concept to somehow integrate this product more into our workflow.


Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Hello! 🙂


I assume this is a parking area in a basic building? If so, you might be able to model your roads and columns using the floor plan sketcher to guide where you want to avoid parking spots.


To do so, select your building, click on your floor plan under "Floor plans". Once in the sketcher, select the parking floor. Here you are able to manually draw shapes representing roads and columns with the line and rectangle tools. The trick is to not let any column or road you draw touch the edges/walls of the floor. As long as you do, you should be able to get more parking spots in the center and interrupt the outer ring of parking.

Torkil Aamodt
Senior software engineer

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