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Parking Garage Limitations?

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Parking Garage Limitations?


I am attempting to build a 3d parking garage that maintains a relationship to the residential/office structure. A few questions:


1. Can you tag floors for parking?

2. I would ideally like to have the defined parking area updated by maintaining a relationship to the unit mix/function of the building. This is something that is easily achieved in Test fit, so I assume there is a method to achieve this in your software.

3. If there is a way to create a 3D parking garage, will it create ramps?


Thank you

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Hi Erik, and thanks for reaching out!

My name is Espen, and I am a product manager for a team that works on various generative/assistive drawing features, the current parking feature among them.

The quick answer to your questions is that parking is a stand-alone and strictly 2D feature today.

1. You could draw a building/floor that corresponds to the parking area and make a 'Parking' function to tag it with. This will allow you to filter out that area in your Key Figures, but the system will not 'understand' that is represents parking.
2. There is no way to do this today. What you can do is go into Project Settings and set parking targets for various functions. This will create updated parking targets that you can hold yourself to when designing parking, but it will not automatically make changes to the parking.
3. There is no way to build a 3D model for parking today, but there is the option to have the system count several copies of the same 2D plan by increasing the number of stories. This will not generate ramps. You can manually draw 'Non-parking areas' to reserve space for ramps (this is a tool that appears in the toolbar once you select a parking area).

I hope this answers your questions, even though we don't currently support your desired workflow!

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