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Ordering Datasets- Autocad drawings

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Ordering Datasets- Autocad drawings

Good Morning All, 

So I’m looking into how to utilise Forma by ordering datasets for a site we are developing, however it doesn’t look particularly well populated (I’m based in Peterborough/Norfolk UK. We already have a lot of drawings that would be useful such as proposed topography in AutoCAD/Civil3D, however I’m unsure how we could get this into Forma (being that it’s limited to a few file types on import). Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be achieved or am I barking up the wrong tree with this, Thanks! 

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Hey Alex,

You can import IFC to forma and use that as a terrain/Topo

I am curious as to what you mean by  "it doesn’t look particularly well populated" 



Samarvir singh

Product Manager

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Apologies for the later response on this but thanks Samarvir for posting back to me. Basically in response to the comment that I referred to it looking not very populated,  when I looked using this for one of our particular sites it’s in quite a rural area, a lot of the designs I’ve seen on Forma have been in built up locations that show many buildings with varying heights to give context to the proposed site (so maybe my comment is really valid!) 

I tried loading in IFC information for a bund for acoustic purposes that we are building by the side of the site which I imported from civil 3d to Revit and output to IFC so thanks for this, however if we proposed the grounds to be cut away though can this be achieved in forma to suit the new site? 

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