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No Snapping Behavior

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No Snapping Behavior

When trying to push pull a section of a basic building there does not seem to be any snapping behavior to align with existing faces. I attached a gif showing this frustrating behavior. You can see in the gif that I simply want to push the portion of the building on the right back to match the offset of the left side. I would expect this to work similar to sketchup but I have not been able to get it to work if that is a coded behavior. I think many members of the community would find this basic behavior appreciated. This is just one of the many small things holding Forma back from being something truly great

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Hi, and thanks for making us aware of this!

When testing this, I get the intended behaviour as long as I try to snap to other buildings or surroundings, but it specifically fails when trying to snap to other parts of the same building. My guess is that this is just a bug where the shape under editing is not included as snapping context. The team is looking into a fix.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon!


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