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No Screen capture with graphics for wind simulation

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No Screen capture with graphics for wind simulation

Good morning all ! 
Pretty cool piece of software we have.

I noticed a couple of problems though, I am happy to help making this product better, I hope the devs or moderators swing by here from time to time.
Error 1, when trying to download/print a wind simulation, we don't get the option to have the graphs with it, is there a good reason for that or is it just a glitch ?
See attached pictures.


Thank you 

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Hi! From the screenshot you shared, I can see that you're not yet in the "detailed wind analysis." You're simply previewing the rapid wind analysis. Click the "Run wind analysis button," and once that has been completed, you'll find the 4k screenshot with graphs option inside the Analysis mode!

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Oh and thanks for providing feedback! Keep it coming, either here on the forums or directly through the help button in-product!

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Hello! The "4K screen capture with graphics" is currently only available for detailed analyses. Your first screenshot, which includes the option with graphics, is from a detailed wind analysis view, while the second is from a rapid wind analysis view. We will consider adding this option for rapid analyses as well in the future.

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Thanks for the answers, I think it would be good to also provide this possibility with the rapid analysis, I don't really see a reason why that would be off.

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