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My site does not have a context - where can I find context data for buildings?

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My site does not have a context - where can I find context data for buildings?

Hi All


I have sites across Australia and Mexico and am unable to find their respective contexts for buildings. Is there a timeline when more context will be loaded and are there any alternative sites where I can find context?

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As of now, the only source of building data we have available for Australia and Mexico is OpenStreetMap. (Which you can add to your projects as described here OpenStreetMap is community-driven and open for anyone to contribute to, so the quality/coverage of the data may vary from location to location.

We're always looking for sources of high quality contextual data all around the world, so if you are aware of any good sources of building data for either Mexico or Australia, we would love to hear about it. We have a form ( where you can submit suggestions or a reply here on the forum works just as well!

You can also use the data provider map to get a quick overview of which data sources are available where. 

Øyvind Robertsen
Sr. Software Engineer

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