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More missing Spacemaker features?

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More missing Spacemaker features?


I am recently rediscovering the software and I am missing some features that we used a lot in Spacemaker.

  • Is it possible to compare proposal surfaces?
  • Is it possible to have some kind of numeric comparison that is not the Inspect tool?
  • Will the view analysis be implemented?

Thank you

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1. You can compare proposal surfaces in our compare mode. The compare mode has a side-by-side comparison where you can compare the facades between to analysis or to different proposals at the same time with the inspect tool.

2. We just launched statistics for the noise analysis. We have not yet implemented this for the other analysis, but are looking into it. Feel free to let us know what you think about the statistics we provide for the noise analysis. And if there are other statistics you are missing. 

3. Yes, we want to introduce the view analysis in Forma standard, but for now, I cannot commit to when it will be available yet. 


You can read more about Forma's classic features and its future here.


Kind regards, Per

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