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Missing Third Party Updater

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Missing Third Party Updater

We tested Forma on a project a while back were able to 'send to Revit' and load the Revit file back into Forma. However, now that we saved as a new central file and moved to a different ACC hub, the entire team is receiving an error every time they start the project "Missing Third Party Updater".


Even users with the Forma add-in installed receive this error...


We've since tried:

- Deleting all elements that came with Forma.

- Clicking on "Do not warn about this updater again and continue working with the file"

- Resetting and reacquiring coordinates from our CAD survey

- reloading data from Forma and then clicking "Unlink Proposal"

- clearing collaboration cache

- Saving as a new central and renaming the file

- installing all the latest updates from Autodesk Access


Nothing we've done removes the Forma message. It appears again the next time we open the file... Is there any way to completely wipe out any data left behind by Forma? 

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in reply to: Alan_Chan_

Use the "do not warn" option and save the file, and it should stop warning you.  The "save the file" part is required.  That removes the tracking data that causes this warning to appear.


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in reply to: Alan_Chan_

We've selected "Do not warn about this updater again and continue working with the file" then synced with central, closed out, and the warning returns when reopening the file.


None of the 4 options in the popup message prevent the warning from appearing again, I'm wondering if there's another method to remove the data. Also, the entire team has the add-in installed so we shouldn't even be receiving this warning in the first place.

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in reply to: Alan_Chan_

I was not testing this with "sync with central", just saving locally.  Perhaps there is a difference there.  I will explore that path.  I am also concerned that you are getting it when you have the add-in installed.  Sorry that I missed that part of your initial report.  Do you have a sample file that you could send us so that we can investigate further?  You should be able to remove anything sensitive from the file.  If you don't want to post it here, you can contact us privately through the Help button bottom right in Forma, the Contact support option.

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