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Micro-Climate Analysis

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Micro-Climate Analysis

Our team is trying to preform a Microclimate analysis on one of our projects. We have imported .obj files for our buildings, bridges and hardscaped areas. However we are finding that the analysis is only capturing building shade on the terrain which in our case is set lower than the hardscape as we are building on water front.
When running a solar analysis, forma is able to read the hardscape and give the appropriate values.
We don't want to raise our terrain as this will make our building shorter and thus diminishing the value of the report.
Is there any way to solve this issue or a temporary work around?
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The microclimate analysis does not capture readings on top of geometries other than the terrain, so if you add other geometries to act as top surfaces, the analysis will not give any readings on these surfaces. We are aware that this is an inconvenient limitation, and in the future we may be able to provide microclimate readings on top of other geometries like we do for other analyses.


Thus, your only option right now is to raise the terrain to match the planned hardscaping. You may do this for bridges as well, though depending on the construction of the bridge it might make inaccurate wind conditions. You can read about editing terrain in this article.

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