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Issue with Terrain Mode - Unable to Modify, Delete, or Create New Terrain Pads

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Issue with Terrain Mode - Unable to Modify, Delete, or Create New Terrain Pads

Hello everyone,


I'm reaching out for some assistance with a persistent issue I've been facing in Autodesk Forma's Terrain Mode. Since last Friday (1th of march), I've encountered a significant problem that has been impacting all of my projects. I am no longer able to modify, delete, or create new terrain pads within the Terrain Mode. This problem is consistent across different projects and has become a major obstacle, especially as I am currently working towards a deadline that requires adjustments to several terrain elements.


Here’s what I have experienced:

  1. I am no longer able to modify or delete existing terrain pads as the changes do not register or save.
  2. I'm unable to create new terrain pads – the property boundaries or surfaces that I have drawn do not appear in Terrain Mode, leaving me with nothing to select to initiate the creation of new pads.

This issue has emerged suddenly and without any clear changes on my end. 


I'm seeking advice on how to resolve this issue or any guidance on what might be causing these problems. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I need to resolve this as soon as possible to meet project deadlines.


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.


Best regards,


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Hi Maryam, thanks for reaching out!


We have had an issue with the Terrain Mode in the past few days, that might have affected your ability to select/create new terrain pads. However, that issue should be fixed as of yesterday, so if you still experience an issue selecting terrain pads, we would very much like to know about it.


However, we have not been aware of any current issues in modifying/deleting existing pads. If this issue still persists, could you please contact us via the "Help" -> "Contact support" button in the lower-right corner within Forma, so we can investigate further? Feel free to refer to this discussion when contacting.


Thanks again for letting us know, and apologise for these difficulties.


Best regards,

Vegard from Forma

Vegard Edvardsen
Software Development Engineer, Autodesk Forma
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Thank you for the update and support. I've checked the Terrain Mode again, and it appears that everything is functioning correctly now. I appreciate the prompt attention to this issue and the clear communication.

Best regards,


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