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Is it possible to export a SketchUp model to Spacemaker?

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Is it possible to export a SketchUp model to Spacemaker?



I have a model for a project in SketchUp that I want to analyze in Spacemaker. Does anybody know if it's possible to export a SketchUp-model to Spacemaker, and if so how?

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Hi! Yes, exporting a SketchUp model into Spacemaker is as simple as exporting it as an IFC, and importing the IFC into Spacemaker.


In SketchUp, you typically work in a local coordinate system with an origo placed in 0,0,0. As Spacemaker works with real-world coordinates, you will ideally use real-world coordinates when importing your geometry.  However, you can also use the Place In The Center Of Site function in Spacemaker to get your geometry on site. This is less accurate than the actual coordinates, but you can georeference your file later.


Remember that there are certain technical limitations to what your geometries can do in Spacemaker depending on how you import them (either as mesh or as convertible to 2.5d models)

Here is a helpful documentation article on the topic as well:

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