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Is it possible to change the streamlines in the wind analysis to follow the terrain?

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Is it possible to change the streamlines in the wind analysis to follow the terrain?



I'm analyzing the wind conditions in a project with quite some height difference. As far as I can tell, the streamlines showing how the wind hits the buildings are all placed horizontally, and not in relation to the terrain beneath. So when adjusting the height to be at ground level on the lowest part of the project, the other lines fall under the terrain and aren't visible.(see picture)

Is there any way to set the streamlines to a fixed height to the corresponding terrain beneath the lines?



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Hi @hakonMHU2A ,

Can you adjust the heigh slider to the height you want?

Skjermbilde 2023-06-16 kl. 16.40.53.png
Best regards,

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Yes I can adjust the heights, the problem is that if I make them fit on the highest part of the plot, then the streamlines go over the lowest buildings. (like shown in the picture)

So is there a way to adjust the lines so it will hit all the buildings at the same time, even though they are on different heights?

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Thank you for reporting. Currently, we don't have a solution to do what you want. We have registered the feedback and will consider looking into it. 


Kind regards, Per

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in reply to: hakonMHU2A

Okay, thank you for your reply!

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