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Introducing Autodesk Forma projects (beta) – the future of Spacemaker

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Introducing Autodesk Forma projects (beta) – the future of Spacemaker

Experience the next chapter of Spacemaker as we develop it! We’re excited to make Autodesk Forma projects available for all our users to try in our open beta.

As we continue our journey to transforming early-stage design processes, we’re introducing Autodesk Forma projects in beta as the next step in Spacemaker evolution. This project type is based on a new architecture to provide more geometric flexibility, higher level of detail, and, over time, better interoperability with other AEC tools. Learn more

We need your help!
Since "Autodesk Forma " is still in development, we want to hear your questions and thoughts. If you encounter any issues or bugs, please let us know so our product development team can take a look.

What’s possible in Autodesk Forma projects?
You can already draw models with more complex geometries, add details, such as pitched roofs, analyze the qualities of your proposals, and put analysis results side by side for visual comparison. We’re adding more improvements as we speak, and, since Autodesk Forma is a cloud-based product, you’ll benefit from being able to access these new features as soon as they are released.

How can I try a Next Gen project?
From your home page, click New project and choose Autodesk Forma Beta under Project type.
If you can’t see this option, it means that for your location or account type, Next Gen is the main project type as it provides the best support, for example, for building typologies.
We’re excited to hear what you think! If you have any questions or feedback, reply to this thread. You can get additional guidance in this Help center collection.

Enjoy designing your Next Gen project and we look forward to hearing from you.

Note: this post was revised after the rebranding from Spacemaker Next-gen to Autodesk Forma

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The Community Knowledge Center is now live. Link
Share and learn how-to tips, workflows, product updates, and general knowledge articles about sustainability. 

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I am super excited to announce that Autodesk Forma is now included in the AEC Collections! 

Best regards,

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Hello, We are thrilled to announce that we are celebrating the Forma Launch worldwide with our community. We would be delighted if you could join us in the nearest city to you at the following locations:

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I miss the AI design and explore functions of the old Spacemaker, especially for the earliest of design stages. It was like the main feature of SM alongside the analysis. The new Forma for me feels like half the software compared to the "classic" Version.

Are there any plans to reintegrate these features in the new version of Forma?

Kind regards.

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Hi @m_majnik! Thank you for your feedback. Get the lastest and greatest about generative design here:

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