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Installing Rhino & Revit Addins for Forma makes Dynamo & PyRevit unusable

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Installing Rhino & Revit Addins for Forma makes Dynamo & PyRevit unusable


I'm wondering if anyone else has faced this issue. Ever since installing the Rhino (0.7.1) & Revit (0.9.3+76aa...) Add-ins for Forma on my computer, I'm unable to use Dynamo or PyRevit on Revit 22, 23 & 24. As an organization, this is really hindering us deploying Forma to design teams. 


Revit Error on StartupRevit Error on Startup


Dynamo Error on R22Dynamo Error on R22


Dynamo Error on R23Dynamo Error on R23



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Hi Ami,

FYI, The last screen capture is irrelevant to your issue, most often than not, the notifications in the dynamo UI aren't issues as such.

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in reply to: ami.nigam

@ami.nigam Just wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten about this post - we are investigating internally and will get back to you. 


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in reply to: marthe.brondbo

Hi again @ami.nigam.


We apologize for the delayed response.  We have been searching for a better answer to your problem.


The root of the problem is a conflict in package versions between the Forma extensions for Revit and Rhino, and pyRevit. We have been successful running the Forma extensions with Dynamo, but pyRevit is among several components that will not be compatible.


Unfortunately you cannot use them simultaneously at this time, and must play a game of installing/uninstalling Add-in as needed to run the ones you need.


Wish we had better news,

-Heather from Forma

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in reply to: smilksh

Definitely wrong.
It is possible. But it involves changing the loading sequence of addins by
deactivating all adding except the non working one, launch Revit. Close
Revit then activate again the addins. This needs to be done all at once or
one at a time depending on the setup.

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