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Improvements to building operational energy analysis

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Improvements to building operational energy analysis

Hi Forma Team,

Questions about operational energy (beta) 1. Can I change the ground material of the analysis area? Is it possible to analyze building operating energy according to changes in ground materials? 2. When will the official version of Building Operational Energy be released?
Thank you for your support and updates


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Hi Steven, and thanks for reaching out!

The current operational energy analysis does not take ground material into account, as it is a machine learning model trained on a specific data set of buildings analysed using the Insight energy analysis. In this data set, ground material is not a variable that was changed between examples, and hence there was no way for the model to learn what the impact of different ground materials would be.

If by 'official version' you mean when will we do the changes required to remove the 'Beta' tag, I think it is more likely that we will replace the analysis than to push for improving it. The main reason for this is limitations of the kind explained above: the model is determined by the training data in a way that makes it less flexible and hard for us to change - for example by accommodating request for the model to account for something currently unsupported like ground material.

Ideally, we would like to build a connection to a real physics-based simulation analysis, since this would give us a lot more freedom in how we evolve the feature. At the moment however, we are still at a very early point of exploring those possibilities, so it is too early to guess exactly what we will aim for, much less when we might have it ready.

I know that this is probably a less helpful answer than what you were hoping for, but I wanted to be transparent about our thinking on this analysis. I'll note your wish for ground materials for when our work on this progresses further!


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