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Importing a complete master plan from rhino to forma

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Importing a complete master plan from rhino to forma

Hello, I am importing a complete masterplan from rhino to forma. The generic composed of buidlings, roads, trees, and parks is all colored in white. I want to give it some colors, like coloring the building in blue, the tree in green only for display before running the wind analysis study. How?

Second, when I run a detailed wind analysis, the wind vector legend bar is between 0 and 10 and cannot be changed, there is no edit (like the case of the raid wind analysis) how to change it? I just want the values from 1 to 4 m/s.


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To get some color onto the buildings you import into Forma, you'll first need to customize your building functions. The easiest way to do that, is to select one of your forma buildings, go to the functions menu and add or customize as required:




When your functions are all set, fetch the forma content as usual, or if already fetched, use the little refresh button next to the proposals menu:



Make sure to set the category of your massing layers to building. Once you do that, the function selection will show up and you'll be able to choose your desired function:


Once ready, select the layers you would like to send over and push the send button. The Rhino geometry should now show up as buildings assigned to your selected functions and colored per the function's settings:



Edit: The wind legend bounds are based on the historic wind data for the area, with the default cap set to the median wind speed. If you would like to have a more fine-grained control to the cap, you can use the speed graph here:


I do not think it is possible to control the steps between the individual values of the legend at this time, but you can use the inspect tool for a more detailed breakdown of the differences.




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Thank You for your prompt answer, however I am not able to select one building, Forma is selecting the whole generic which is a set of buildings, trees, and roads. I cannot select each component alone. When I click on the function menu, it is not highlighed so I cannot change the function. Maybe you have a command like "explode" to separate the buidlings from the trees from the roads and other parameters so I can define the function of the buildings separately?


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The function menu will show up for any line and basic buildings that you draw with the standard tools.


If you would prefer not to place any of those, another way to access the functions is through the area metrics settings:



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