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Imported Elements - Edges missing

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Imported Elements - Edges missing

Hello @Anonymous,

i recently downloaded some data from forma and imported it directly through the "Send to Revit(Beta)" Button. Unfortunately the cubes wont show all of their edges, so the grafics display of the surrounding is not that good as it could be.


I wrote about it on the Revit Forum:


there someone said, that it is a problem because the geometry is a direct shape, and that only the developer could handle this?

so here is my question:

is there a possibility to translate the direct shape geometry into a revit modelled one, or should i wait for a maybe fix to this situation?


Kind regards









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Thank you for the message.


Unfortunately yes, as the folks in the Revit forum said, Revit does not give the user the ability to override the appearance of Direct Shape elements.


Getting into the details, we are creating tessellated mesh Direct Shapes, which indeed do not have an ideal visual presentation in Revit, but it does allow us to represent arbitrary geometry efficiently.


We are looking at using Revit solids when possible as well as other ways to improve the visual appearance of these elements or give users tools to customize their appearance, but do not have an alternative at this time.


Thanks again for the question,

-Heather from Forma

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