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Imported DXF not visible

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Imported DXF not visible



We've imported a dxf into a project but it's not visible except when we hover over it in the layer menu. Is this a glitch?

Caoimhe Loftus


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Yes - unfortunately we had some issues with rendering of DXF-imported geometry today. A fix was just deployed, so this should work as expected again. Let us know if you still see any issues.

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It seems we have the same problem, two days ago all was fine. When can we expect the fix to take effect?

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@leslieingFJ93F We apparently had two different problems around this. A fix has been deployed for both. Can you confirm things are working as expected again?

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Hey Henrik,


It was fixed, Hoewever the displayed line width is a lot wider than before. Best would be an option to control the displayed line width, if possible. The dxf is hard to read because of this.




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Was your DXF rescaled (e.g. change of units) after it was imported?


Are you able to provide a sample DXF file where you see a clear problem around this, which we can use to improve the experience?



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I exported the drawing from autocad in 1:1 scale, and then imported in Forma in mm.

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I can reproduce the problem here. You can workaround it by exporting your DXF in meters (if that's possible, I'm not sure). We're looking into a proper fix, but not sure we'll be able to do so before Monday.

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Thanks for looking into it, Monday is perfect! In the meantime I will try exporting in different ways/sizes.

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@henrik_steenJL382 did this ever get resolved? I'm having a similar issue but am testing whether I can adapt the units within the dwg/dxf before exporting.

Caoimhe Loftus


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