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IMPORT Wizard_Coordinate System Problem

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IMPORT Wizard_Coordinate System Problem


I have problem with importing the .dxf / .shp file (plot limit with buildable area) into the correct location in SPACEMAKER.

I can choose many map systems from "ASSETS / Coordinate System", but I cannot find proper one dedicated to POLAND (or maybe I missed something and someone can advise the solution).

In other Autodesk softwares, it works. i.e. when I want to import . dxf or .shp file into Civil 3D or Infra Works, I am using the map coordination system = "ETRS89. Poland CS92"  and the drawing is perfectly in place.


Best regards,

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I've added support for ETRF2000-PL / CS92 in the system. You should be able to find it in the dropdown you attached as a screenshot.

It uses a different datum, ETRF2000 instead of ETRS89 but from what i've found, these seems to be interchangeable. Please let us know if your model is placed correctly with this change. 

Best regards
Magnus Poppe Wang
Software engineer at Autodesk

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Hi Magnus,

It's working!👏 Great!

This really improves the precision of work in SPACEMAKER.


BTW I'm looking forward the day when Plots will be in SPACEMAKER automatically. ( for Poland region) 


Thanks a lot for your help.


Best regards,



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