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Import into Revit Flexibility

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Import into Revit Flexibility

Our issue is our forma context geometry all comes into revit as under the Generic Model category. This is ok in theory however that geometry is limited with what you can do with it. Note the geometry coming in from Forma is not a loadable Generic model families they are a hardwired gen model with limited function.


We tried creating a project parameter for material for all generic models but that wouldn’t apply the material to the gen model.


The only way to materialise the generic models that came in from Forma was to apply a material at the object style category level globally.


Its not a huge issue but would be great if in a future update to the Forma Revit Link (Which we understand is still in BETA) if you could get a bit more access to the geometry and parametrise it to enable us to modify and drive it in revit.

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Thank you for the feedback.


We know Revit users have so many ways of managing their projects and we are striving to find ways to make the Forma Add-in for Revit more customizable without making it too cumbersome to configure.

It really helps to know how users want to use it as we are continually considering how to improve it!


Thanks again for reaching out,

- Heather from Forma

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