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Idea - Reusable Floor Plans

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Idea - Reusable Floor Plans

I like the way you can sketch floor plan layouts, however I want to be able to reuse them across multiple blocks, and projects. For organisations that work within multi-unit residential projects this would be an invaluable time saver. Especially for test fits. 


It would be good to be able to save them to the library for reuse. 

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Hello, thank you for the feedback!


While it's not currently possible to use the same floor plan across different basic buildings or projects, it _is_ possible to use the same plan across several line buildings! You can read about that in the section "Working with floors in Line Buildings" in this article.


We're writing down your wish for using the same plan across basic buildings and projects as well, great idea! 🙂

Kjetil Bugge Kristoffersen
Principal Software Engineer

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