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I can't see all functions in UI

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I can't see all functions in UI

UI of Spacemaker that appears in Chrome differs a lot from what i saw in webinars. How can i run view analysis? Screenshot 2023-03-02 173208.jpg 

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Hi poluokolotogo.
We just launched the Next-gen version of Spacemaker, which you are running on this project. We do not have view analysis yet available in this project type. I will add it to the feature request system. Learn more about Next-Gen HERE.
Our webinars are based on the classic project type so far. I have also informed our Customer Success team that we should update them.

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May I ask which View analysis you are most interested in? Is it how far way one can see from the facade or view to a point of interest?


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Hi, Daniel!
Thank you for quick response. I am interested in facade orientation to POI (ocean, in my case)

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