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how to / select forum board? & ad section cut to spacemaker

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how to / select forum board? & ad section cut to spacemaker

first off all, i tried to post to the forum and had to select from an empty list the required board? so i hope this fourth attempt works *fingers crossed*


i am trying to ad a section cut to a spacemaker project, but i wonder if it is possible?

since the building i need to analyse has got an underpass which i can not show from above, i was hoping i could turn the buildings visibility to transparant, but that option i could not find. so then i was hoping i could ad a section cut so the underpass and the wind effect will be visible from above, but jet again this option seems not to be available?


i could not find it in the documentation nor in online videos, hope someone can help me out so the wind effect in the underpass will be visible when viewing from above.


PS just using spacemaker autodesk program (so no autocad, revit and other software from autodesk).

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Thank you for reaching us here! And sorry about the issue about posting, I will investigate this! THank you for making us aware, and luckily it did go through now! 

I will have some of my colleagues in product development take a look at your question! Stay tuned! 

Best regards, 

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Hi! Thank you for reaching out. 
Spacemaker does not have section capabilities. The only way to see analyses in an underpass, is to zoom in and navigate the camera to that region. Note that you will only get wind analysis on the ground. All the other analyses cannot run under cantilevering. 

Skjermbilde 2023-02-28 kl. 15.37.24.png

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Yes, that is one way of not delivering our clients needs 😉


Since it is stil in Beta, i do hope you (autodesk) wil consider adding a "section view" option to the analyze mode.

Or at least the ability to adjust the buildings transparancy in analyze mode, this feature is already available in the design mode?


spacemaker - please add building tranparancy option in analyse mode.jpg

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Thank you for holding us accountable! I will add sections to our feature request system.

Meanwhile, I want to show you a way to hide the buildings in the layers menu.

Buildings Layer on
Skjermbilde 2023-02-28 kl. 18.07.31.png

Buildings Layer off
Skjermbilde 2023-02-28 kl. 18.07.42.png

Keep the feedback coming!

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thanks for the advice, for now this should work.

nice to know my request is on the feature request system.

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Hi. I have researched a bit more on your question about having to select a board when posting in the forum. 

When you are on the right board, meaning, you can see the other community members' questions, the fields will be automatically populated. 
image (23).png

When you posts from the category (, you needs to select the forum to post to. In this case, the correct on is "Welcome to the Spacemaker Community"

image (24).png

Long story short: navigate first where you want to post, then hit the post button. It will be simpler 🙂 

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Once again thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately i didn't capture a screenshot when i had this issue, so it also could have been my own mistake.

Maybe since i had to choose a board when there is/was only one board option 😉

Anyhoe, haven't had this issue after that day.

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Turning of the layer option is not available for detailed wind analysis. It is only valid for rapid one. When you open a detailed analysis, all of the layers are automatically turned on. Is there a solution for this?

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