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How to include 'volumes' and masses in area metrics?

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How to include 'volumes' and masses in area metrics?

Is there a way to make buildings out of drawn volumes and masses, to include them in the area calculations?

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Hi @osayed643PD,

Linear and basic buildings are automatically added to the area metrics. Can you add a screenshot of your building and tell us how you have generated/designed/imported it?  

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Yes the buildings are added, but I want to add some of the volumes from ShapeDriver into the metrics too. Any way I can do that?

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Unfortunately that is not yet possible, although we are looking into enabling that 🙂
Would love to learn what type of scripts are you thinking - Could you perhaps share some Rhino viewport screenshots / description of the need you have? 

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This is not possible at the moment, but it is something we are talking about! We absolutely see the value of enabling Area metrics on more types of buildings/volumes, and are currently discussing what could be a good way of doing this.

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