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How can I get the updated Forma Revit add-in to work again

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How can I get the updated Forma Revit add-in to work again

How can I get the updated Forma Revit add-in to work again?


I have previously installed an earlier version of the add in, which functioned properly with Revit 2024. However, since the recent update, the extension prompts me to download it again. I clicked the download button and installed the newer version. This didnt resolve the issue. The extension continues to prompt for a download. When I attempt to use it with Revigt 2024, it still asks for the newer version. I then tried uninstalling the add-in from my computer and reinstalling it, but this approach also failed.

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Can you share a screenshot of the prompt for the download?  That should help us direct you to a proper solution.


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This button does not change to "add" after I downloaded the add-in.

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in reply to: m_h_h_dekens

That's correct, that is just a download button.  For the Revit and Rhino extensions, those are extensions to the desktop software and are not extensions to Forma itself.  The extensions page can't tell which versions of those extensions you have installed on your machine, so that's not an indication that the version you are running is out of date.  That indication would only come from within Revit itself.

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