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Forma - ScreenShot Export Not Working

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Forma - ScreenShot Export Not Working

I am using Google Chrome and have also tested this on Microsoft Edge. In both cases the Camera Icon in the bottom-right menu does not work. Pressing the button does not bring up options to save views or images like it previously did. I am trying to use Forma to produce images for a very tight deadline and having this feature disabled is creating a pretty big inconvenience.

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Hi! Thanks for reporting. Where in the product are you experiencing this issue? 


Kind regards, Per

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I think I understand what my issue is. I was trying to use the camera button from within the modeling space. When I go into an analysis view I am able to use the camera as expected. It would be great if we could access the same saved views and settings from within the model space as we are within the analysis space. Is that in the works? 

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Hi! Ok, thanks for letting us know. Does this mean you have found a workflow for your immediate needs? 


The camera angle feature in the design mode is something we are working on, and will hopefully be available to you soon.



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yes, I am able to make it work for my immediate needs. Glad to hear you are working on the camera angle feature for the design mode. 

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Saving camera positions is now available from design mode as well as the analysis modes. Let us know if you have any feedback on the updated feature!



Hilde Bakkeli
Product Manager

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