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Feature Requests - Graphic Settings

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Feature Requests - Graphic Settings

I am enjoying the use of Forma recently and I wanted to share some suggestions on some improvement that could be made to help with the quality of graphics produced by the program. 

Satellite Map View 

  • It would be great if we could display analysis result over a satellite map view.
  • In design mode roads, rails, surfaces, and lines do not display while a satellite view in enabled. It would allow for much greater flexibility in output if we could see all of these elements when satellite imagery is enabled.

Analysis View 

  • Similar to my last point, In analysis results mode roads, rails, surfaces, and lines do not display when enabled. It would allow for much greater flexibility in output if we could see all of these elements that we took time to create.
  • When viewing the analysis results, the buildings/context loose their outlines making finer details harder to see. It would be great if the outlines carried over to the analysis views or we had the option to turn them on or off.
  • In classic SpaceMaker the sun analysis results displayed a collection of graphs and information detailing the results of the study. Forma does not have any of this. If I remember correctly the classic version also had the ability to turn off the sun analysis results on the ground plane. Adding the ability to turn off the ground plane as well as adding back the statistics that were present in classic would be wonderful. 
  • Happy to see detailed noise analysis is active now but there seems to be a bug that is preventing the results from being displayed cleanly around edges of imported models. I attached an image showing what I am seeing. For context, I imported a Revit file as an IFC and ran the detailed noise analysis on it. Looks like the geometry is being simplified for the purpose of the analysis. 



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Hi, thanks for a lot of useful feedback on the analysis and design views. We will be working continuously on improving these views, and we can definitely see that the features mentioned could be helpful. We are aware that many of the former Spacemaker users are missing the graphs/statistics of the analyses, and we will look into how we may bring this back in some form after the summer.  For the noise analysis issue, we will look into improving how he edges are visualized.

Hilde Bakkeli
Product Manager
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Hi @eklingerHFVZ3 ! Just wanted to mention that roads, rails and surfaces are also displayed while in satellite view. Please check it out and reach out if you have additional comments!


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