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Facade Design Extension - Seeking User Testing!!

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Facade Design Extension - Seeking User Testing!!

Hello Forma Community! 

We are an Autodesk Partner developing an extension to Forma to automate envelope design solutions, and generate facade and fenestration to the model. (FenestraPro

The FenestraPro for Forma extension will enable early stage understanding of the impacts of the building envelope on internal spaces regarding energy performance and carbon impacts. It will provide enhanced façade design tools while ensuring project data continuity through to Revit documentation.

This will give Forma Users insight into geometry decisions such as window-wall ratios, glazing configurations and shading devices, and façade materiality such as roof, wall and glazing specifications. Design decisions can also be checked against local code requirements.

We wanted to ask the forum to share thoughts on: 

  • How useful you would consider this to be?
  • How would you envisage the workflow, and at what stage of the project design would you use such an extension?
  • To what level of detail would you consider useful or beneficial?
  • Anything else you'd like to share?

Your input would be invaluable to our development process, and we’d love to discuss further. We're also looking for some Users to beta test this extension in the next couple of weeks, so please reach out!!

You can give us feedback here, or feel free to contact us through our website - 




Launch the FenestraPro ExtensionLaunch the FenestraPro Extension


Select the Building for Facade AnalysisSelect the Building for Facade Analysis


Search for localized CodesSearch for localized Codes


See are envelope elements compliant with CodeSee are envelope elements compliant with Code


Select total window to wall ratioSelect total window to wall ratio


See your design decisions on the modelSee your design decisions on the model


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