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Explore in Autodesk Forma beta

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Explore in Autodesk Forma beta


I am testing the trial version for my office. Although I am having problem as soon as I started the project. I understand that this is a beta version but it does not have all the options of the classic version which I saw in all of webinars. How do I access the explore option in beta version which the usp of Autodesk Forma? Can I use the classic version in my trial period?

Note: this post was revised after the rebranding from Spacemaker Next-gen to Autodesk Forma

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Hi, and thanks for reaching out!

You are right that Next Gen projects (what you are working with in the trial) differ from Classic projects in some ways. The reason trials get access to Next Gen and not Classic is that Next Gen gives the best picture of where the product is heading and what will be commercially available going forward.

While there are some features that exist in Classic which do not yet have an analogue in Next Gen, we are improving Next Gen in different ways every day and will introduce many of these features over the coming weeks and months. For a more in depth explanation of how we are working to introduce generative features in Next Gen that cater to the same needs as Explore did in Classic, see this forum post.

I hope this clears things up a bit!

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