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Error "_IframeMessenger_get Target Origin is not defined" when starting the project

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Error "_IframeMessenger_get Target Origin is not defined" when starting the project

I want to launch my Forma project. I found a repository with examples and settings on GitHub, but when I launch hello-world, it throws an error. How can I fix it?delatuzard17_0-1711794690748.png




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At which repository did you find the example code? It would help a lot if I could reproduce the issue.


My initial thinking is that this is a build/transpiler issue in some of the tools being used. It could be e.g. outdated tools, as we are targetting es2022 in our builds to NPM. We did target es2021 until mid November 2023. It's a bit hard to say without more information.

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I'm unable to reproduce the error you get. I cloned the repo and it runs successfully at my end. I tried both with the provided lock file and without.


Did you edit anything before running this?


The example code is a bit out of date though, so you might have some luck updating its dependencies:

yarn add --dev vite typescript forma-embedded-view-sdk
(or npm install --save-dev vite typescript forma-embedded-view-sdk)

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