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Dynamo Beta (Watch 3D Node) - is not working

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Dynamo Beta (Watch 3D Node) - is not working

Hi Community.

Last week I used Forma's Dynamo Player beta to confirm Geometry was shown.


But Watch 3D Node doesn't work as shown in the image below.




I'm trying to conduct various Geometry tests, anyone with the same problem as me? Need help.

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Hi. Great to see that you are checking out the Dynamo integration 🙂 


We have had some issues with the Watch3D node. Right now I think there are a few things that can cause this. First sometimes Dynamo does not actually return the value back to Forma, and a rerun helps, sometimes I need to restart Dynamo to get it working. We also have this indicating that this might happen more frequent when using Dynamo in Revit, so trying Dynamo Sandbox might resolve it. The last thing I know of is if Dynamo fails to produce the geometry, then the current extension does a poor job of reporting the actual error. This does not seem to be the case for you as you see the geometry. We have not had the time to investing to improve the reliability for these issues yet. 

Which Dynamo installation are you using, if you are using Revit you might try Sandbox. And I would suggest clicking the Run button in Forma multiple times if this happen. The other thing you could do if you find a graph that fails all the time is to share it here and I'll try to debug it from our end 🙂 

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Thank you so much!

It works well on Dynamo Sandbox as shown in the image below. And it's nice to be able to load Geometry through the Add button. I hope this feature will be updated to Revit Dynamo as soon as possible. Various automation work can be done in Forma.



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I've found that the sandbox gives me errors. In either case the watch node never works.

I used the link for the sandbox version supplied from the Dynamo Player in Forma and I have also tired the latest from the Dynamo website. 


Sandbox errors.png

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