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Custom Circle diameter of analysis

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Custom Circle diameter of analysis

Our firm has been using Autodesk Forma and would like to see the return of some features that have been removed. Specifically, I am interested in seeing the expansion of the Custom Circle diameter of analysis, which was available in its previous version. With this feature, we could see Monthly/Daily/Seasonal Metrics, allowing us to view average wind speeds for selected dates or months, in addition to the existing yearly data. This enhancement would provide more comprehensive insights.

Another feature I would like to see added is the ability to colorize imported geometry. Currently, it is challenging to distinguish existing from new elements, and it would greatly improve the workflow if we could change the color of existing context. Additionally, having the capability to export vector forms of the graphics would be highly valuable for architects. This export option would allow us to manipulate line work and better highlight and visually present information to our clients. Overall, these improvements would enhance our experience with Autodesk Forma and improve our design processes.

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I'm curious to learn more about your needs for wind analysis. Do you have time for a 30-minute call to go through what you are suggesting?

Kind regards, Per
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We would be delighted to have a conversation in regard to this. 

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Great! Il send you a direct message.

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