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Control floor number and floor height in 3D Sketch

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Control floor number and floor height in 3D Sketch

I wonder that how can I change the floor number and floor height in 3D sketch. Anytime I changed, the program will switch to default (3m floor height). I tried to lower the floor number and increase the floor height, not work. Please advise

Thank you

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in reply to: ThitipatP

Hi @ThitipatP,


All floor height and floor quantity inputs seem to be working for me in 3D Sketch.


Would you mind recording a video of the issue?




Josh Goldstein
Product Lead
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Here is my screen capture.

Thank you

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Thanks, that was really helpful!


I'm able to reproduce now. It seems the nuance is not entering a unit after the number. 


As a workaround, can you try entering 4m instead of 4, for example? See if that works for you. 


In the meantime, we'll get the issue with entering a number only (no units) fixed.


Josh Goldstein
Product Lead
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Thank you, It's works now. I tried to entering suffix as m or mm, these both works.


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Hi @ThitipatP,


We've now fixed this issue, so you can return to using numbers without the unit, and 3D Sketch will append the unit automatically. 


Thanks for letting us know about this! 🙌


Josh Goldstein
Product Lead

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