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Constraints added to Autodesk Forma projects (beta): Design with zoning regulations in mind

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Constraints added to Autodesk Forma projects (beta): Design with zoning regulations in mind

Earlier this week, we made Constraints available as a new design category in Autodesk Forma projects (beta) and look forward to hearing what you think of this feature.  


You can use Constraints to define the maximum volumetric space that is allowed to build within. Often, these requirements would come from your local zoning regulations. By using this feature, you can see if the geometry fits within the defined constraints and therefore check whether your designed buildings are compliant with the zoning requirements. 




Unique features of Constraints: 

  • Transparency | Since the purpose of this category is to see if something is within or outside the constraint, the geometry is transparent. 
  • Not included in analyses | Since Constraints are mainly used for a visual reference, this design category will not get analyzed (e.g., sun) or impact other geometries. 


How to define Constraints 

The new design category Constraint is located in the toolbar under Limits, and the tools for drawing Constraints are the same you use to draw  volumes for other categories. 


Feedback wanted

Try Constraints in action and let us know what you think by responding to this questionnaire: which is active until March 22th. In this questionnaire there are also a Q&A and an Idea board which you can use to add additional questions and comments about Constraints. 


Alternatively, please add your questions or comments in the thread.


Haven’t tried Autodesk Forma projects yet? 

Join in and experience the next chapter of Spacemaker as we’re building it! From your home page, click New project and choose Autodesk Forma Beta under Project type. Read more about this project type here.  



Note: this post was revised after the rebranding from Spacemaker Next-gen to Autodesk Forma

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Just wanted to follow up the results from the questionary. As you see in the image below, there were two users who ranked potential improvements for the constraints. I am happy to mention that nr. 2 (Convert a "site limit" to an "constraints) and nr. 5 (convert a "constraints" to a "Floorstack/building" has already been implemented. 


The questionnaire is now closed but feel free to add feedback and questions in the thread!





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Hi. As mentioned in the previous post, we have now made it possible to create a constraints from a site limit, and a building from a constraints. This is made possible by using the new trace existing shape functionality. See attached video to see it in action.



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In the previous version of SpaceMaker, we were able to run some optimization studies for certain analysis criteria, Solar, view, etc. This would generate several options of massing that optimize those criteria. will that functionality be coming back in the next gen software?

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Great question! Please read this article to learn more about our current offering of generative feature and our ideas forward:


I hope you have the opportunity to give us input on what you believe we should focus on!



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