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Combining Buildings or Make Continuous Floor Plan

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Combining Buildings or Make Continuous Floor Plan

Hi all

I am pretty new to Forma. I have a couple of questions.


I have created a proposal that consists of several buildings, but when I import this into Revit it creates levels for each building. How can I combine these buildings into 1 building inside Forma. Each building was created separately because we had an DXF outline with floor totals for each section, but they are all connected by a podium, so all levels are the same.


I can't seem to move the DXF file off the terrain. It moves x and y, but not z. Can this be done? If so, I can create 1 single outline at the highest height, and then move the DXF to the top floor to trace the separate buildings. This would maintain the floor plans as continuous through each section. Or, is there a way to make the building transparent so I can see the DXF at terrain level?


I hope these questions make sense. Looking forward to your suggested workflows.  

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in reply to: Kev_D

Hi @Kev_D and thank you for your questions!

I am afraid that you are experiencing some of the existing Forma hurdles which we are focusing on improving.


To your questions:

1. Combining multiple buildings in Forma to one (in order to get the same levels in Revit): It is not possible to combine the buildings in Forma right now but we would definitely want to support this at some point

2. Moving DXF in Z and transparent building: Right now, the DXFs are restricted to follow the terrain and you are not able to visually set the buildings to transparent. This is also something we would like to improve at some point, but unsure when this will be implemented


Thanks again for your questions, and hopefully you will see a gradual improvements in Forma which will allow your workflows to be improved. 


Have a nice weekend!



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