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Can't load or update a proposal from Forma in Revit

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Can't load or update a proposal from Forma in Revit


I have loaded a proposal in a Revit project and I have made changes to the proposal in Forma and trying to load/update it Revit afterwards, but I keep getting a message that it has already been loaded and I have to make a new Revit project. Isn't it possible to load or update a proposal from Froma in Revit after loading it once?

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Hi thanks for the question. No, currently a single load from Forma into Revit is supported. Once the proposal is loaded from Forma, you can update the Forma proposal as many times as you like with elements created in Revit, but Loading from Forma to Revit can only happen once.

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in reply to: kronz

Thanks for reply! hopefully this function will be available at some point.
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in reply to: kronz

"No, currently a single load from Forma into Revit is supported"

Any plans for multiple loads from Forma to Revit?
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Here is the workaround I just used.
First, have your working Revit file open with the existing Forma mass visible.
Next, open a new Revit file to import the new Forma model into; select the desired load options etc.
Now select the newly imported model to edit the mass in the family editor.
(At this point, if you try to edit the old Forma mass in the family editor, you'll notice it switches over to the view of your new Forma mass in the family editor you already have open. This indicates that it's already connected to your working file.)
To finish, load the new Forma mass into your working file, select the second option to override parameters, and the Forma mass in your working Revit file will update along with any objects it is hosting. 
Also, note that keeping the new Revit file isn't necessary. Think of it as a burner file to temporarily bypass the warning mentioned above.

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