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Call for use case sharing on wind/noise analysis

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Call for use case sharing on wind/noise analysis

Hello Forma Community,

Autodesk Forma provides a wide range of analyses. Our team is currently working on improving the analysis workflow to support users with a quicker, easier outcome assessment. A common request we've noticed is the ability to conduct rapid analysis of wind and noise. We want to understand the workflow and perception of you who use wind or noise analysis with the two types of offering: detailed and rapid.


 A gift card will be issued as a token of appreciation

We're particularly interested in:

  1. When in your process do you choose to use a rapid wind(noise) analysis versus a detailed wind(noise) analysis?
  2. What are your criteria when deciding between a rapid or a detailed analysis: time, accuracy or exclusive features?

To create the best solution, we need your valuable insights! If you have been using either or both of these two types of analysis: wind or noise:

Sign up for a meeting with us to share your experience here!

We welcome your questions and feedback in this thread as well. Your input will greatly contribute to our product development process.






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