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Building a more complex & Mixed use building

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Building a more complex & Mixed use building

When creating the massing for the buildings, everyone understands that there is a more complex distribution of Functions specially on the 1st floor of each Building. The First floor is the one that may have Retail component, with Service and parking, Residential/office Lobbies, etc. This complexity gets lost in Forma. I know Forma is trying to simplify massing, but it's a key element of Mixed-use development (most of the things we develop these days), that we try to get some more exact numbers out of this massing model, instead of having to use another program to do this.

I did try to create different 'mixed use buildings', but you have to draw each volume separately, get them with the correct Function, move them in place, stack them if necessary (I am exhausted of only writing this ...) ... and as an end result you might have what you need. But my problem is that you can't "GROUP" the mixed use building you create as one entity so that with one click you get the GSF mix ... or am I missing something? I know that if you are doing one building, you can just simply select them all together, but the more complex the building is, the more massing you have that you can missed by a window selection.

Is there a Grouping tool coming anytime soon?


Thanks for listening and continue improving these amazing tool.

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Hi @hschlosman 

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your detailed description of the challenges you have identified with the current building tagging system. This kind of feedback is incredibly valuable to us.


Regarding your question, we are fully aware of the current limitation that only allows one function per floor, and we understand how this impacts the usability for our users. We have currently one team to explore ways to improve this aspect, and we are optimistic that their efforts will address the challenges you have highlighted. While I cannot provide a specific timeline for when these improvements will be implemented, I encourage you to stay tuned for updates.


Once again, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.


Have a wonderful day!


Best regards, 

Arne Bjelland

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