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BC default when creating buildings

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BC default when creating buildings

When planning the development of a property, there are various specifications that must be observed. A very important factor is the ratio of the actually built area, probably this is the value BC in the Spacemaker. A value of 30% is given as an example. This means that a maximum of 30% of the available area may be built on. Is it possible to specify this value in Spacemaker when creating the building? So that when auto buildings are created, only 30% of the area is built on.

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Great question, thanks for asking! You can indeed see the Building Coverage as a % of the site area in your key statistics, and in that way ensure that you are within the limit. However, it is not possible to specify a building coverage constraint prior to creating buildings. This is a great idea though, and we'll be sure to note it down as a feature request. If you generate proposals in Explore, it's possible to filter on Building Coverage, but currently not the percentage. Have a great day!
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Thank you for the fast feedback.
1. It would also be interesting if I can specify the BC when creating the auto-buildings
2. and if I can specify the BC when creating the individual variants.


If I were to imagine a scenario for a feasibility study, I might have the following specifications

1. The client or investor is looking for a property where he can build buildings with a floor space of 50,000 square meters
2. The city's development plan stipulates that the buildings may have a maximum of 5 floors
3. and the development plan only allows a maximum of 30% development


When first designing with auto-buildings, I would roughly consider these three values. When the variants are then created, these three values must be mandatory.


In this way, I could find out very quickly whether the selected plot of land is suitable for my investor, taking into account the specifications from the development plan.

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Thanks for explaining the workflow - that's very useful context. We have relayed your suggestion to our Design team 🙂

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To determine if Spacemaker allows you to specify the site coverage ratio when creating buildings, you should refer to Spacemaker's official documentation, tutorials, or contact their support team directly. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on how to set the site coverage ratio within the platform and ensure that the auto-generated buildings adhere to the specified limitations.

It's worth noting that different software platforms may have varying features and capabilities, so it's essential to consult the specific documentation or support channels for the software you are using to ensure you are utilizing its full potential for site planning and development. 

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