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Autodesk Forma - Sound and View Analysis

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Autodesk Forma - Sound and View Analysis

When using the previous version of Autodesk Forma, some of the analysis my testers found the most useful were the Sound and View analysis tools. Those are so far absent from the Autodesk Forma toolset. Will those be coming back? Also, one common question I received form my testers was if it was possible to create create custom noise sources, and manually assign a decibel value to them. This could be useful for projects located next to noise sources that are not roads or rail systems, such as airports, mechanical plants, etc.    

Note: this post was revised after the rebranding from Spacemaker Next-gen to Autodesk Forma

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Thank you for your inquiry.


Noise - We are currently working on bringing the classical noise analysis for traffic to Next Gen. And to your point about being able to customize new types of noise sources, I will note it down for potential further development. Thank you for mentioning it!


View - We have not looked at the view analysis yet. Which of the two view analysis and what about the analysis did you find most valuable?


Last, when you say "testers" who are these users? 


Kind regards, Per

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Per, we are beta testing this at our company and have users that are helping us test the software with our workflows. That is what I mean when I say testers. As far as view analysis is concerned, we have found a lot of value in the analysis that highlights facade exposure to a specific feature (River, ocean, parking lots). It would be nice if this feature could be brought over to Next Gen when it is released. 

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That makes sense, we see that the view area analysis would provide value in Next Gen as well, and we will consider adding this later. 


Thank you for clarifying. 

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I agree, sound and view analysis are very useful tools for our team as well and I hope you get these features to Forma as soon as possible.

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I may be repeating myself in the various posts.
But I fully agree with this and would like to see the view analysis with custom Points Of Interest (POI) areas back in forma.

In addition to this, I would also like to see an option to add a POI to the sound analysis (representing: factory, disco, sports field, etc) as a POI could be drawn in the view analysis in spacemaker (representing: stadium, river, sea, etc).

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Thanks for the input! We will consider it going forward. 


Kind regards, Per

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in reply to: eklingerHFVZ3

we also found that the view analysis is very important. Sometimes we need to show the view alalysis to the client (best view to the see, or best view to the landschaft....or to analysis how much facade will be blocked by the sourounding buildings), and it helps a lot. hope it will be keeped in standard projekt in the furture.

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We would also found view analysis to be really important, specially in projects in dense areas. We would love to see it back.

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