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Autodesk Forma is now included in the AEC Collection

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Autodesk Forma is now included in the AEC Collection

I am happy to share that Autodesk Forma is now part of the AEC Collection and has been assigned to existing subscribers. This means that as a user with an AEC Collection license, you can get started using outcome-driven design with Forma at no additional cost.


With Autodesk Forma being a cloud-native product, getting started is a little different than for the desktop products on offer so below I share some tips to help you get going. If you have feedback or face issues, do share it in the thread!



How to get started

To get started, head to the Autodesk Products page and locate Forma, or go straight to


Once you are there, you will need to get a Hub to start working. For most people, what you need to do is either:

  1. Create a Hub on behalf of your team.
  2. If the team already has a Hub, request to get access. The request ends up with the Hub admins who will later send you an invitation (remember to check your spam folder, that happens).

It might be that your situation is different e.g. if you have had a trial before, you could get the option to connect your license with the existing Hub, or that you need to select which team to create a Hub for. To learn more about the different ways to set up a Hub, please check this article.



Common questions and answers

I will update this as well as our help articles as things pop up, but currently, the most common questions include:


  • Q: Can I make a Hub myself?
    • A: Yes, everyone on a team can make a Hub on behalf of the team. Other members of the team may request access, however, team admins can join Hubs connected to the teams they manage with no approval process.
  • Q: Is it possible to have a personal Hub?
    • A: No, unless you are the only user on the team. By design, the Hub is intended to be a collaborative space for a team or company, not a "personal drive", and because of this we only enable customers to make one Hub per Team.
  • Q: Is this connected to my Hub in Docs?
    • A: No. Currently, a Hub in Autodesk Forma is standalone and works as a collaborative space for a team/company. 
  • Q: Is this available to every AEC Collection subscriber
    • A: Yes, but we have yet to make it available to Multi-User licenses. We are working on it and you will be notified when this is available. Also, as with every other product in the Collection, Forma needs to be assigned. Forma is assigned by default in the Collection, however, it is at the discretion of Primary and Secondary Admins to unassign it, so you might need to consult your admin if you face issues with access.


As mentioned above, I appreciate your input on the experience of getting started using Autodesk Forma as an AEC Collection customer!




Principal Product Manager for Customer Journey

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This is great!

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