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Autodesk Forma community event Netherlands - Outdoor area

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Autodesk Forma community event Netherlands - Outdoor area

Last week we hosted a commmunity event in the Netherlands. The event was an opportunity for us to listen to you - our users - and get important feedback that will inform our planning. During the event we split into seperate roundtables, and I have the fortune of hosting the "Outdoor area" topic.
We had some excellent, wide ranging, discussions and I want to thank everyone who participated on the day. Below are some of the topics and ideas that came up on our table - we would now like to open this up to any further ideas and discussion. 
  • Collaboration, communication and visualisation came up quite a bit, as a way for better workflows around outdoor area. For instance: being able to share very specific views with stakeholders (such as only sharing a specific analyses)
  • Similarly, commenting functionality was raised - being able to add it to facades, specific points in the 3D world, and for that comment to continue to track to that point 
  • More options to pull Autodesk Forma models into visualisation software (there is one example here)
  • Regarding import - the cadaster in NL provides highly detailed 3D data/terrain, it would be great if Autodesk Forma could import this format
  • Additionally, there was some discussion around the ability to import vegetation data specifically
  • Importing zoning, GIS and soil combination data
  • In terms of analyses - water drainage came up as one requested feature
  • There was also a request for daylight potential analyses to take into account window thickness and present data/results based on the inside of the window
  • Users would like to be able to drill down into specific problem areas - for instance, analyse and exporting data/visuals for a specific small area of facade or a balcony, or at a specific height (instead of ground level)
  • Additionally, a general request for more detailed analyses above ground level and in balconies
  • Requested % stats for green/water/draining area to better meet regulations, particularly for public spaces

    Note: this post was revised after the rebranding from Spacemaker Next-gen to Autodesk Forma

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Hi Ben! Thank you for the summary.


I have a question about the "Additionally, a general request for more detailed analyses above ground level and in balconies". Do you recall what analyses that was requested?



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The conversation most often focused on daylight/sun - so I think these were front of mind. I believe there is some capability already for this to be inspected on a facade level, at specific heights - but when it comes to balconies, I think a higher level of detail was requested. 

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