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Autodesk Forma - Building Pads and Sloped Sites

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Autodesk Forma - Building Pads and Sloped Sites

I am working with a site that has some slope to it and am not finding a way to add a building pad to level out portions of the terrain. This was available in the previous version of Autodesk Forma and would be appreciated to have it in the new version moving forward. Is this feature available now, and I am missing it? If not, is this being planned for a future update?


Note: this post was revised after the rebranding from Spacemaker Next-gen to Autodesk Forma


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Hi and thanks for asking!

It is correct that we do not have any terrain functionality for Next Gen yet but we are currently working on it. The functionality we will probably introduce as a first step to improve terrain functionality:

  • Terrain pads | Make it possible to flatten the terrain
  • Replace terrain | Replace existing terrain with an imported file and/or with a ordered terrain

We hope this would be available within a couple of weeks but without promising anything.


In addition to flattening terrain and replacing terrain, what type of terrain functionality would you like to have?




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You have listed all the tools that my users have requested. the ability to import custom terrains was always the fist question from my users so that will be greatly appreciated. 



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Excellent to hear.

I will let you know when we have made progress on the terrain functionality!

Have a nice day


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Hi again @eklingerHFVZ3 ! I am happy to say that we are in good progress of making it possible to do simple terrain modification in Forma. We have not released the feature yet, but if you are interested you could try it our before it is released and give us your feedback/reaction on the current state. 


Would you be interested in a testing session with the team working on this?


If so, please DM me and we can schedule a 30 min session


Have a nice day!


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