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about the elevation of buildings (OSM)

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about the elevation of buildings (OSM)


I have been conducting tests using Autodesk FORMA software and have encountered two distinct issues.

Firstly, there is a notable discrepancy between the elevation of buildings obtained from Open Street Map (OSM) and the ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model (GDEM) terrain data within the software. It seems that most of the buildings are embedded or do not align with the terrain. Secondly, the flat terrain option also does not align with the elevation of buildings obtained from OSM. Are there any recommended workflows or best practices to incorporate OSM building elevations seamlessly with the flat terrain option ?

Thank you in advance for your attention and assistance!

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Hi averylin,
When you order buildings, such as OSM in your case, we estimate the elevations based on available terrain in the area, in this case, ASTER. We place the buildings such that all the corners of the building ground floor either touch the terrain, or ends up underneath it. This is just a modeling choice on our end and will never be perfect because both the ASTER terrain and OSM buildings are data sources with a low level of detail.

Now, if you want to use flat terrain instead: you can go to Navigator in the left hand menu, and then edit your base.
At this point, select all the buildings with a drag select and set the elevations to 0 in the right hand panel.
You can also edit the buildings individually if needed.  

Best of luck and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

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