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3D Modelling and Workflows

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3D Modelling and Workflows

We had a positive experience using extensions like Thicket and TestFit Parking on our latest project so shout out for their availability!


We did have a few other suggested features/potential updates to consider:

  • ability to have section cuts through the terrain and buildings to better read heights/export presentation visuals;
  • have wall thicknesses added to the modelling options, particularly differentiating external/internal thicknesses;
  • when working in 3D Sketch mode, attributing the functions is already very helpful, but would be great to develop floorplans in a building that was done in 3D Sketch mode;
  • minor one as I'm sure there is a logic behind it currently, but there are 3 separate parts of the graphics interface to find Extensions - could these be centralised to one spot perhaps?


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Hi @tayra.pinto,


We appreciate you reaching out and sharing your feedback! 


  • Section cuts: They're awesome, and we'd love to see this capability too - we've got this feedback for future consideration.
  • Wall thicknesses: This is something we're looking into for certain parts of the app. Stay tuned!
  • Floor plans for 3D Sketch Buildings: We're working on it! Watch for updates on this soon.
  • Extensions UI: We're always looking to improve and streamline our interface, so we'll definitely take this suggestion into account as we move forward.

Thanks again!


Josh Goldstein
Product Lead

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