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🎉🏗️ Join the Forma Design Contest and win up to $3000! 🎨🌇

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🎉🏗️ Join the Forma Design Contest and win up to $3000! 🎨🌇



Contest & Submission End Date: August 21st, 2023, 11:59 pm Pacific Time 

Requirements: To qualify, create your project within the US Forma demo project, accessible to both commercial and trial users. Ensure your design adheres to the requirements of a minimum 7.1m sq ft and maximum 14m sq ft GFA. The program should consist of approximately 20% commercial, 40% office, and 40% residential spaces. Please note that the contest is open to natural personas aged 18 and above, excluding citizens or residents of countries subject to U.S. trade embargoes, as well as Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Turkey, Romania, and Poland. Commercial, educational, and trial users are all eligible to participate.

Judging Criteria: Your design will be evaluated based on three key criteria:
Architectural Design: Develop an exciting proposal that enhances the urban fabric surrounding the plot.
Living Qualities: Demonstrate how you optimized your design using analysis tools, emphasizing aspects such as sun exposure, shadow areas, daylight access, wind flow, and outdoor microclimate.
Storytelling: Explain your design decisions in a data-driven manner, showcasing how Forma served as a vital decision support tool. Feel free to incorporate third-party tools to demonstrate your workflow.

Submission Details: Create a captivating screen recording video with an English voice-over, lasting between 2 to 3 minutes. Please focus on delivering a compelling data-driven story through your design and voice-over. The only permitted video editing actions are cutting and speeding up the footage; no additional effects, transitions, or subtitles are allowed.

Winners and Prizes: Three talented designers will be chosen as winners:
1st Prize: worth $ 3000* 
2nd Prize: worth $ 2000* 
3rd Prize: worth $ 1000* 

* All winners will be awarded one Amazon Gift Card issued by Tango Card Inc. valid in Amazon store located in one of the following countries: Japan, Ireland, the United States, Australia, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Mexico. 1st prize: Amazon Gift Card worth three thousand U.S. Dollars or equivalent in the local currency on the day of the issue; 2nd prize: Amazon Gift Card worth two thousand U.S. Dollars or equivalent in the local currency on the day of the issue; 3rd prize: Amazon Gift Card worth one thousand U.S. Dollars or equivalent in the local currency on the day of the issue;

Learn more here:


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Hi @daniel.silva.gameiro ! 
Awesome idea to create a Design contest on Forma, this is a perfect fit for this software I guess.


A quick question regarding the prizes :  are Amazon gift cards only usable in a list of country (Japan, Ireland, the United States, Australia, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Mexico) ?  Will we be able to use them in other countries ?


Thanks in advance for your answer on that topic 😉

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Hi @clement.lemaire3AGCE. This is a great question. Let me try to clarify:

Amazon Gift Card issued by Tango Card Inc. will be valid in Amazon store located in either Japan, Ireland, the United States, Australia, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Mexico. This criteria refers to the store location, not client.

E.g. A Norwegian would be able to order something from the store in the Netherlands to be delivered in Norway. Any customs expenses would be her/his/their responsibility. 

When it concerns the participants' citizenship or residency, the contest is open only to natural personas who are at least 18 years old, and are not citizens or residents of any country subject to a U.S trade embargo as well as: Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Turkey , Romania and Poland.

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Thanks for sharing! I was lucky to be part of Project Soane modeling competition “Creating history with BIM” a crowd-sourcing competition hosted on Autodesk A360 back in 2015 to build a virtual model for Sir John Soane’s Bank of England. My prize was a free PDF copy of Renaissance Revit by Paul F. Aubin. I’m in🙂

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I've had a few people asking about the delivery expectations, so I took the time to create a quick sample delivery video that shows you just how easy it is. 

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Hello that. 

Thi is a big experiencie for use Autodesk Forma. 

Thanks for sharing. 

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@dan.stine just submitted the first entry. He not only learned Forma, but also designed the proposal and created the video in only one day. Fantastic job!

I like how he defined the courtyards within the urban grid and connected them.

Skjermbilde 2023-07-05 kl. 09.44.32.png

See all entries here:

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Hi community! @noahQEYCP had a question about how to create a contest project from Europe. Watch the video for more context. See the answer below.

A: Please create the project in the EU HUB. The location of a hub refers to where the data is saved and processed, not where the projects are located. 

Then go to the hub home page, by selecting "Home" on the left-hand side. Finally, click "Get Started".


Best regards,

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👀Time is running out! Monday marks the final day to enter your submissions for the Forma Design competition. Excitingly, we're offering a total of $6000 in prizes for three fortunate winners. The evaluation criteria encompass Architectural Design, Living Quality, and Storytelling.


😎 Witness Sarah Neola Sapone's story, drawing inspiration from Dr. Seuss's iconic work, "Oh, The Places You'll Go." Her vision weaves through a wasteland in deep need of revitalization. The program unfolds with a sandwich logic, fostering meaningful interactions among diverse personas and users.


👩‍💻 Additionally, Sarah's keen eye recognized a courtyard lacking daylight. To rectify this, she ingeniously reimagined the architectural masses, elevating the project's overall outcomes.


Join us in celebrating creativity and outcome-based design! Remember, the deadline is just around the corner, so submit your entries and be a part of shaping the future of design.

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