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Unclear Simulation Results

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Unclear Simulation Results

When I use wind analysis, the results appear discontinuous at the imported model's edges, as shown in the picture. What is the reason for that? and how can I solve this issue?



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This is an artifact of the limited resolution of the wind analysis results, but it is intended to ensure that inaccurate results are not displayed. The data for the roofs is currently represented as a single image where each pixel is 1.5 by 1.5 meters with some filtering used to smooth it out. This image is projected on top of the buildings. These discontinuities appear where the closest data (pixel) is at a different elevation than the roof, meaning the data would be inaccurate to display there.


We have smoothed out the discontinuities on the boundary between buildings and the terrain, but for now there will unfortunately be discontinuities between roofs at different levels. We might look into resolving this in the future.

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