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Selection tool issue? How to I create I fixed selection?

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Selection tool issue? How to I create I fixed selection?

Hi Forma Team,

I am trying to use the Design Tool and the getPolygon() method to allow the user to create a rectangle (and specifically a square) but the tool only allows a free form clicking repeatedly to the 3Dscene.

Any advice? I specially need the user to be able to select a square but with a max constraint of certain area.

For example the user can only create a square selection of 300m x 300m and not bigger

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated



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Hi Giannis!


As you have noticed, the design tool does not support this interaction out of the box. With the current capabilities I would suggest using the getPoint() and create a square 300x300m with that point as the center point. Would that work in your case?


I will note down the need to create a rectangle and not just free-form polygons. This is supported in the Forma tools, as you can see below, and I believe this functionality can be useful from extensions as well.



Enforcing min and max length of the edges I believe will need to be handled on the extension side by informing the user about these requirements, and not something we will prioritise now. 


Did this answer your questions? 


Best, Vilde

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in reply to: iklimis

Ηι @vilde.barth !
Thanks for your reply 

That is pretty much the approach I took. Getting a point and creating a geoJson square.
It would be nice if I we could have a way to remove it though (say with using a path and perhaps a removeElement() method)

Thanks again 

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