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Managing building usage functions via SDK

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Managing building usage functions via SDK

Dear Forma Team,

Is there a way to extend, or manage the list of available building usage functions (residential, commercial) via the SDK?

I'm trying to assign custom functionIds to various elements when using `createElementHierarchy`, but obviously that only works with the built-in functionIds. Custom values are discarded.


Additionally, I'm curious if it will be possible to set `functionId` on Floors when utilizing `Forma.elements.floorStack.createFromFloors`.

Thank you for your assistance!

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Hi 🙂 

No there is no current way to add these through the SDK. Could you describe why your extension would need to do so? What is your use case here?

There is a way to add custom functions in the UI of Forma, and they should work in the functionId field of the createElementHierarchy.


For the FloorStack elements we have not added this option just yet. We are in the process of reiterating on our entire API surface to make it more consistent and complete, and I'll bring this concern into this work 🙂 Essentially I think this will be possible and consistent. 

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Hi Havard,


Thank you for your response!
Our usecase is as follows:
We are developing Codesign, a sketch based conceptual app for architects.
Users can create concept models with real-time reporting for early-stage design.


As we work on seamless BIM integration, we're developing export options to bring Codesign projects directly into established architectural design software. This ensures users can effortlessly continue developing their concepts into detailed BIM models.


In our use case, usages (functions) are already assigned to model elements, and we aim to transfer them with the model during the export process.


Appreciate your support,

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