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Is there a way to get the each object data in the storage.listObjects() ?

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Is there a way to get the each object data in the storage.listObjects() ?

I currently use the listObjects() method with a prefix to get a list of objects that I previously saved. This method will return an array with the key of the object along some metadata. So, if my list has 10 objects I have to subsequently make 10 calls to the storage.getTextObject() with the keys to get a list of my objects. 

Is there a way so I just make the one to get all the objects along with their data based on a prefix??

Or alternatively is there some other approach you can recommend?  

Thank you

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You are right in that you have to do one call per object you want to get. However, these calls can be run in parallel using e.g. Promise.all([promise1, promise2,..]). Hope this answers your question.



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@vilde.barth Thanks for your reply!

Yes I imagined as much - in that I will have to chain a number of Promises - but isn't  somewhat risky say if I have to make 10 calls subsequently ? 
What if one or more fail? Either I have to catch the whole error and make the user retry or I have to keep track of the failed ones and again restart the chain for the failed Promises.

that might nor be optimal for UX


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@iklimis I see your concern, but I do not believe this is something we will support. Can you explain your use case for needing to make 10 calls so we can better understand your concern? 🙂 


Also, if you want to keep track of the each of the promises, you can use Promise.allSettled(..). 


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@vilde.barth Hi!
Yes let me try to explain the use case: I would like to keep an item list of sorts. Each list item has its own metadata. Think of it as a Todo app. 

In my welcome page I would like to show all todos which some todo info. I would like to take all todos from the storage with one call instead of keeping a list of todo-ids and getting each todo info by making a seperate storage call for each todo.
I would like to avoid say in a case of 20 Todos to make 20 storage calls for each individual Todo info.

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@iklimis Thanks for explaining! I understand your use case, but I do not believe we will add support for getting multiple objects at the same time. If I understand correctly and you want to access all of the items at the same time, is it an alternative for you to store all the data in one object?

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